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Catalonia Occupation Service

Hiring via Feina Activa: State Fund for Employment and Local Sustainability

In 2008 the Spanish government created the Local Investment State Fund, with an amount of 8,000 million euros, with the aim of increasing public investment in the local sphere, by means of financing newly-planned works of immediate execution and under the auspices of the local entities.

This year,through the Royal Decree-Law 13/2009 of the 26 October, the creation of a new Fund was passed which included the objective that the investments, projects and actions financed contribute to economic, social and environmental sustainability. This is the State Fund for Employment and Local Sustainability.

One of aims of this Fund is to increase public investment in the local sphere through financing of job creation actions in newly-planned works and of immediate execution that are the responsibility of the municipal authorities.

Within this setting, the Catalan Employment Service is making available to successful bidding companies the Feina Activa Portal as a search tool of suitable profiles.

As support in the search for workers to employ in projects financed by the State Fund for Employment and Local Sustainability using the Feina Activa Portal we place the following information at your disposal:

Requisites for the creation of jobs for projects financed by the State Fund for Employment and Local Sustainability

All the job offers we show are registered in the Feina Activa Portal with the aim of covering the jobs related to the execution of projects financed by State Fund for Employment and Local Sustainability must:

  • Be unemployed workers, registered in the public employment services, corresponding as unemployed jobseekers or self-employed workers who have ceased their activity and who are registered in the public occupation services as unemployed jobseekers.
  • Long-term unemployed is understood as people who are registered in the public employment services corresponding as jobseekers of at least 12 months before the hiring.

The Feina Activa Portal provides you with a tool to stipulate the essential requisites for candidates who want to apply for these posts. The successful bidding company must form two filter questions which must be answered by the candidates.

Question 1. Are you registered as a jobseeker at the Work Office (Are you in possession of the Administrative Document of Jobseeking Renewal-DARDO)??
Reply options:

  • YES, as unemployed - Value 5
  • YES, as an improvement in employment (working) - Value 1
  • NO - Value 1


Question 2.How long have you been registered in the Work Office?
Reply options:

  • More than one year - Value 7
  • Less than one year - Value 5
  • Not registered - Value 1


These questions are defined from the "Additional Information" tab in the last step when stating the offer:

Valid candidates for these posts will be those defined as "Unemployed registered in the Work Office" and registered for more than or less than one year. In other word, those that obtain a points total after the filter questions of between 10 (unemployed less than a year) and 12 (unemployed more than a year).

The Feina Activa Portal has a section where the candidates can be filtered that have a minimum of 10 points in the selection questions, in order to exclude those who do not comply with the conditions for hiring.

Finally, before being able to hire, the person selected must obtain the following document: "Certificate summarising their situation in the SOC" for purposes of justification. This document will accredit the condition of the applicant registered at the Work Office and can be obtained:

  1. Through this website, clicking here
  2. Through a self-service point (PAS)
    The PAS is found in all the Employment Offices (except or that in Alt Maresme where it will shortly be installed) and the council offices of: Banyoles, Cambrils, Castellar de Vallès, Castelldefels, Cervera, Els Prats de Lluçanès, Igualada, La Sènia, Les Borges Blanques, Lloret de Mar, Molins de Rei, Montcada i Reixac, Premià de Mar, Puigcerdà, Roda de Barà, Salou, Sant Andreu de la Barca, Sant Pere de Ribes, Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, Sitges and Vilanova i la Geltrú.



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